Employment opportunities

Wishek Living Center currently employs approximately 100 people.  Positions are currently open for  CNA's (certified nurse assistants), housekeeping, laundry and dietary.   We provide the required training for those wishing to become a CNA, and pay them while they go to classes.  Other positions become available occasionally.  For more information contact the following department heads at  (701) 452-2333          An equal opportunity employer.  Applicants have rights under federal employment laws.


NURSING & CNA's:         Melissa Piatz                                                         dirofnurse@bektel.com

DIETARY:                         David Hagel                                                           dietmgr@bektel.com

OFFICE:                           Tanya Schnabel                                                     officemgr@bektel.com

MAINTENANCE:              Keith Klein                                                              bills@bektel.com

LAUNDRY:                       Keith Klein

HOUSEKEEPING:            Lawrence Ketterling

ACTIVITIES:                     Elaine Fahlsing                                                       actdir@bektel.com


FOR A JOB APPLICATON, see the link at the bottom of the page: When finished, save the file to your computer and email to us at nursbek@bektel.com

For current job openings or for a job application, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with the appropriate department manager, or click the link to the left for a job applicaton. 


Full-time employees are eligible for Health, Dental and Vision benefits, as well as a 401(k) retirement plan.  Full and part-time employees are also eligible for vacation, sick and holiday leave in our PTO (paid time off) program.