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Wishek Home for the Aged Inc. operates two HUD Assisted housing properties that are designated for the elderly (62 & older) or disabled. 

Wishek Home Apartments is attached to our skilled nursing facility and includes 1 efficiency apartment and fifteen    1-bedroom apartments.   Tenants have access to meals in our dining room, laundry services, mail delivery, church services, activities and beauty shop.  Monthly rent includes all utilities including cable TV.  Telephone and internet services  are the responsiblity of the tenant. Monthly rent is based upon assets and income.

Hilltop Apartments consists of  3 apartment buildings with 11  1-bedroom apartments, and are located across the street from our skilled nursing home.  Monthly rent is also determined by assets and income, and includes all utilities except telephone, internet and cable TV.


Contact Us.

For more information regarding our apartments and availability, please contact our Naomi Klein our Apartment receptionist at 701-452-2333,  or e-mail us at  Or use our TDD connection at  1-800-366-6888

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